working blog for Lotus at Uzumé and 宇宙大使館 Uchu Taishikan / The Embassy of Out of Space at Miyayama (under construction 2019)

生意気ウィーク at Hospitale, Tottori 20 - 26 August 2019 (coming soon !)


uchu taishikan part 1 >> uchu taishikan part 2




Old stuff from the internet

Bamboo pyramid at Fukuoka Castle teshudai

Green table part x


Kiito     more kiito

Hospitale 2017

Hospitale 2016

Hospitale 2015


puppet show, tottori - video >> old photos

dadakids at cabaret voltaire at superdeluxe (credits)

bamboo working sketches


some projects: kamaishi video part 1 >>>>> old namaiki video

KIITO nakaniwa nakama, Kobe >>>>> Hospitale Community Garden >>>>> free food forest forever, Jogja >>>> cafe cosmos, Kamaishi. part 2, flikr

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uchu taishikan working sketches






Benjamin Land A

Benjamin Land G

Uchu Taishikan Summer 2019 G