!!! WIDE OPEN !!! at SuperDeluxe, Tokyo 8, 9, 10 December, open 6pm. Friday 9th till late

Namaiki, We Are Family

under construction, new open dec 2016 !

like what you see? book now a one week intensive intervention in your unloved abandoned building, dying rural community, or cool art gallery.
Namaiki uses state of the art community building strategies and a team of hightly motivated makers to energise your community to build low cost, high fun micro businesses for everyone from kids to platinas.
We turn up for a week, cook food, eat drink and play music, make performances, share strategies and ideas from permaculture, art, design, music, transition town etc.
Usually based around the permaculture idea of everything can be fixed in a garden.
Good friends, good food, good company.
Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share.
We will turn up with a pizza oven so your kids can learn to make bread and pizzas as we build one together with you so you can keep going when we leave.
Compost toilet system ? We helped Permaculture Phil build the best one in Japan in Kamaishi.
Bring an instrument and join the "everyone can sing" everyone's e band.

Confused? Yes, so are we ! Just turn up at our next event, SuperDeluxe, Tokyo 7,8,9 December

see if you like it and have a chat



from the archives:

Everybodies {{{e}}} Band, Hospitale, Tottori 2016. Part 1 and Part 2

Dada Kids at Cabaret Voltaire at SuperDeluxe (credits)

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kamaishi video part 1

old video


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